Ford Engineers Reveal Next-Generation Ranger Raptor Coming to North America.

Article By: RangerG5

Ever since Ford announced that it would be building a Ranger Raptor for various markets in Europe and elsewhere, the question on everyone’s minds has been whether it would also be offered in North America at some point — and we may now have that answer.

The social media profiles of various Ford engineers have hinted that the Ford Ranger Raptor is indeed coming to the United States,but not until the next-generation Ranger, which is widely expected around 2022.

Road & Track recently unearthed a social media post by a Ford Chassis Engineer describing a Ranger Raptor project for the North American market with the P703 code. The engineer also works on the current version of the Ranger for North America, known as P375N, and the current version of the Ranger Raptor for overseas markets.

The North American Raptor project apparently is code-named internally as “Project Redback” and will also share frames with the next-gen Bronco, just as the current Ranger does — leaving open the possibility that we may also get a Raptor version of the next-gen Ford Bronco.

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