Computer Aided Design (CAD):

QP Global are a partner of choice in Computer Aided Design, we have specialists ranging from the concept phase all the way to programme launch phase.

Based on our clients requirements and ideas, our engineering partners can provide an optimal product design. Our aim is to always produce original and innovative engineering solutions according to our clients needs including product, production and assembly level components.

QP Global uses the wealth of experience and expertise from our worldwide partners to provide technical insights into the injection molding of plastic products. We provide suitable and sound advice to our clientele with regards to optimising the productivity of their project.

We can offer our client the option to rapid prototype using 3D printing or the production of a prototype injection mould to produce low quantity of sample products.

These can meet all dimensional and function specifications for product validation testing.

  •  Product Design & Development
  • Interior & Exterior
  • BIW Development
  • Fixture design &  Development