Meet the man who is disinfecting cars for free to beat coronavirus.

Article By: Ruth Lawes

Mark Bowgen, a self-employed pest controller, will disinfect anyone’s car free of charge if they pull up in his Taverham driveway.

The RAC has said people still using their cars should clean their steering wheels, controls and key/start buttons thoroughly.

The 51-year-old, who estimates he has cleaned around 150 cars so far, started by offering the car cleaning service to NHS workers, care workers and taxi drivers, who are battling on the frontline, at the start of lockdown.

But now in a bid to do whatever it takes to stop people catching the virus, Mr Bowgen has rolled the service out county-wide.

He said: “I’m glad I’m doing it. As far as I’m concerned, the more cars I disinfect the less chance the virus will get anyone. Everyone has got to do their bit and help someone.

“I just want life to return to normal as quickly as possible.”

Mr Bowgen, who says the clean takes around one minute and is quick and easy, first advertised on Facebook and the post has since been shared multiple times.

He said: “I just looked at everything the NHS was doing for us – risking their lives trying to save lives and thought what could be done. I had seen in the news that other countries were using foggers and already had one through my work. I then bought some disinfectant and did my car, my girlfriend’s and neighbours and decided to put a post up on Facebook.”

Some people have insisted on paying, which Mr Bowgen has refused.

But he said if people want to donate, the money will be given to NHS charities and so far he has raised nearly £150.

He added: “I don’t want anything but if people want to donate they can, and it will go straight in the jar for charity.”

Mr Bowgen has also been contacted by various pubs and other businesses in Norwich to deep clean venues once restrictions have been lifted.

He said: “I will do it anywhere. I just want to kill the virus off.”

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